Acupressure slipper - stone

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Acupressure Slipper Stone Made Of Natural Shells, Arranged According To Scientific Foot Acupuncture Points, Through The Shell Of The Natural Arc Of The Foot Reflecting Zone Massage, Stimulating Foot Acupuncture Points, Which Relax The Muscles, Relieve Fatigue, Promote Blood Circulation, To Reconcile The Role Of The Heart, The Balance Of Endocrine.


1. To Promote Blood Circulation And Dissipate Fatigue.
2. To Eliminate Internal Toxin Conglomerate And Maintain Health.
3. To Enhance Balance Of Endocrine And Keep Beauty.
4. To Reinforce Metabolism And Keep Youth.
5. To Recover Vestige Organ And Prevent Illness.
6. To Invigorate Cellular Vitality And Regeneration, And Resist Early Ageing.
7. To Improve Sleeping And Release The Tension Of Nerve.


1. Wear Walking 10-15 Minutes A Day, Every Day Several Times
2. We Suggest To Drink Some Water After Using, It Helps Speeding Up Blood Circulation And Carrying Toxins Out Of Your Body.
3. Shoes Need Cleaning, Wipe The Uppers With A Clean, Cotton Cloth, And Reused When The Leather Dry.

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